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It was working with the inspiring polymathic coach Adah Parris that got me into coaching. Though my education is never done, completing a course with Cornell University on Leadership for Women, a foundation course with The Coaching Academy, Yale University's most popular course The Science of Well-Being, and Positive Psychology with Penn State has given me tools and processes that get consistent results. Having spent the last ten years working in advertising and tech, and having been a founder means coaching people in the creative and tech industries is especially rewarding for me.


One of my original loves is cool creative media and whilst I don't produce art shows anymore, I am fortunate enough to occasionally produce and direct content for Cut with Julia Vogl. My favourite (produced and directed by me) My First Same Sex Girlfriend and more recently, My Pornstar Stripper Girlfriend (produced by me, and directed and exec-produced by Julia Vogl) garnering millions of views on Cut’s YouTube channel.


Mentoring is the single most important pursuit for accelerating your career. I have been lucky with my mentors, and incredibly lucky to be mentor others. In particular my relationship with Jayne and Miz over the last few years, a power couple in creative and social media circles, has been as much about teaching me as it's been helping them. I was honoured further when Miz asked me to write the forward of his book, Social Media: Social Mediocrity, which in tackling social media anxiety and toxic masculinity, is a book that everyone can relate to.


To keep fresh, creative and in the mix, I work as a Producer for The 5Gs, a super creative tech-focused activation agency. We recently delivered a one of a kind duet for the Vodafone sponsored PLAY awards in Portugal - two baby grands in remote locations talking to each other.. If it sounds magical, that's because it was. Working with renowned DJ platform Beatport and network partner EE we helped deliver a unique gig experience, back-to-back but in (you guessed it!) two remote locations. Enjoyed and s a 360 encounter through Oculus Rift headsets - truly nature is healing 🎧🎹 🔊 It was also a world first - our second this year 🎺🎺

Practice Makes UnPerfect

I recently joined Amy Kean's legendary Practice Makes UnPerfect as a facilitator. Not only is working with a talent like Amy a total dream, but I could not be more thrilled to be actively working to elevate women's voices 💪🏼 Not only will I be delivering the PMU course but we have designed a special one day course called Back To You - all about how to get your groove back for IRL events and public speaking 💥🤘🏼⚡️

Digital transformation and delivery

I worked at the Department of International Trade at first as a favour to a friend, but then got sucked in by the importance of the work - building digital products for government to help businesses across the UK and ultimately transforming the DIT. Digital transformation remains one of my  passions and the other great pleasure of the job was working with Darren McCormac - Agile Delivery Manager extraordinaire and British deadlift record-holder. I proudly presented our product in embassies across the world, including The United States, Germany, Barbados and Abu Dhabi, interviewing people for feedback and relevant product direction.


#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. Being able to say "I am remarkable because" is one of the most celebratory and life-affirming things you can do for yourself, and it helps other people recognise what you can do, too. Adah Parris is one of the official ambassadors of #IamRemarkable and together we co-admin a Facebook community for self identifying women to share and celebrate their accomplishments. Learn more at #IamRemarkable or join our community and see what it's all about :)


Julia Vogl, Entertainment Reporter

"This is no ordinary reference because Emma is no ordinary woman. Words seem to continuously escape me while attempting to concisely pinpoint how Emma's mentoring has helped me across the last 10 weeks, this is because Emma's life coaching approach has perpetuated a total life and attitude transformation for me..."


Hannah Gillot, teacher turned entrepreneur

"It’s no exaggeration to say working with Emma changed my life - I initially approached her to help me plan the next step of my teaching career, but a year later am now embarking on a career change into product management, and planning to start my own company in 2021...."


Growth Quarter Series, The Next Web (online publication)
Here’s how to keep you and your team motivated — even remotely

... Aside from discrimination, bullying, or feeling alienated due to a lack of diversity, or some other serious breach of trust, Jackson says she’s observed two leading causes of demotivation.

One big factor is purpose, or lack thereof. Often, Jackson says the problem can be twofold:“They might not be connected to the company’s or department’s purpose. Humans adore purpose; it’s crucial to a satisfying or happy life. Connect an individual’s sense of purpose to a company or product purpose (you might call it mission), and you’ve got an unstoppable force.”...


Romanie Thomas, Tech Start-Up CEO

"Emma has coached and supported me since founding Juggle 2 years ago. I founded Juggle to democratise the future of work and help ensure 50% of business leaders are female by 2027. In order to start this journey, I have raised over $2m in venture capital and hired a team of 15 so far..."


Sam Elliott, Tech Start-Up CEO

"Emma and I have worked together across numerous projects for the past 8 years. In that time she has been instrumental in helping me develop my skills as a founder, entrepreneur, leader and designer. Currently she is working to help me grow, hire and ultimately step back from one business (Venture Entertainment UK Ltd - a live music consultancy and booking agency), whilst developing, raising funds and launching another (Livelink UK Ltd..."


Sanne Gault, Photographer and Producer

"When I came to Emma, I was admittedly a bit lost. I had quit my job at a start-up, and had quit volunteering my time for another start-up. I was lost and didn’t know what to do. Emma has this magical no bullshit approach, she laid things out clearly for me and helped me get my shit together."


Helen Heyde, Marketing and Brand Consultant

"I had coaching sessions with Emma over the course of three months, and it has been amazing to work with her as well as an exciting and transformative journey. After an initial and successful 'chemistry check', we set goals based on what I wanted to achieve and worked towards these using different methods and tools.

With that, Emma helped me dive deep into myself, my strengths, the areas I'd like to improve as well as dissecting and fully understanding my values."


Viktoriya Munteanu, Business Owner and Private Aviation Specialist

"Emma’s coaching sessions have helped me to overcome very old confidence issues dating back 15 years ago, when I moved countries and had to establish myself in a very competitive and fast-growing industry. It took just a couple of sessions to get to the bottom of why I felt anxiety in certain work situations. It helped me to see myself in the light of who I am now and not who I was back then. I am a private aviation specialist and a business owner who has been running a successful aviation company for the last 6 years. Working with Emma has helped me immensely - it was about time I left my insecurities behind."


Podcast with Misael Trujillo, Founder of @Kitschinc and musician

"On episode seven I chat to Emma Jackson, tech industry coach, consultant & mentor. Emma is also a future thinker who puts ethics and personal analysis at the forefront; as well as having written the foreword for my poetry book 'Social Media - Socially Mediocre' and being someone I massively look up to. This was a highly encouraging conversation that I think everyone could benefit from listening to."

"You can find out more about the I Am Remarkable Google campaign here, the related Facebook group for self-identifying women to share their experiences and support each other here and you can purchase Mis's poetry book "Social Media - Socially Mediocre" with foreword by Emma here."

Listen to podcast here

Big Ideas With Mesh - Podcast

Mesh is awesome and doing this podcast was a huge pleasure! He is a serial entrepreneur and is a passionate advocate of entrepreneurship. Mesh also has a strong interest in start-ups, innovation, social enterprise and charitable initiatives.

"Welcome to Big Ideas With Mesh! Exclusive interviews with dreamers, pioneers, visionaries, and people who challenge the status quo! We will be delving into their story, their dreams, and ultimately their vision for the future.
*Content Warning* - This episode contains occasional swearing and some adult themes.

This week, I catch up with Emma Jackson, an absolutely wonderful human being, that has made it her mission to champion progress for marginalised communities, and to help coach individuals to live a fulfilled, purposeful, and ultimately happy life. She is a passionate advocate for global equality and harnessing the power of technology for positive change. We chat about all things life coaching, mental health advocacy, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the evolution of technology, along with many other fascinating topics during our time together!"

Listen to podcast here